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For information regarding the US Veterans Improved Pension - Aid and Attendance benefit.
    You certify you or your spouse served actively for at least 90 days, at least 1 day during wartime/conflict or meet criteria listed below and on our Periods of War information page.


Military service is classified either as wartime or peacetime service. This distinction is important because there are significant benefits available only to veterans with wartime service. For example, only veterans with wartime service are eligible for non-service-connected disability pension benefits.

  • Service in the Merchant Marine during World War II counts the same as Naval Service, providing the veteran was at sea for 90 days
  • Women who served in the World War II military, including nurses, qualify as veterans
  • Reserves and National Guard are not qualified unless they served 90 days active Federal duty with 1 day during a period of conflict
  • The 90 days rule is excepted for those who served less than 90 days but were awarded the Purple Heart, suffered a service connected disability, or were killed in the line of duty

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