APSC Testimonials

  1. $250.00 Donation from Daniel Watson

    $250.00 Donation from Daniel Watson

    In Memory of: Richard Rowland Lt.Col USAF received 06/06/2017. The surviving spouse benefit is a very important benefit, and a very difficult process to navigate. I can’t say “thank you” enough for your guidance and support.Please keep up the good work.

  2. $300.00 Donation from Delores G Tuck.

    $300.00 Donation from Delores G Tuck.

    In Memory of: Norval Harris Tuck received 05/17/2017. Everyone involved with the application for survivor benefits were very helpful.The main communication was with Mr. Lewis.He was always available to answer questions either by phone,text or email.The whole process was fast and I am very pleased.  

  3. $150.00 Donation from Anna May Griffith.

    $150.00 Donation from Anna May Griffith.

    In Memory of: John Griffith (deceased Veteran) received 05/09/2017. APSC was instrumental in initiating this claim. All personnel were extremely helpful and I could not have made it without their excellent help.Highly recommended.Claim was successful and 1st check has been deposited ! Shirley Sims Daughter