American Patriot Service Corp. is a membership based not-for-profit corporation established to help our veteran military service personnel.  We do this in three ways:

Retired Army Couple

Financial and Office support

Community Outreach

We facilitate community outreach to find and educate our Veterans and/or surviving spouses on the benefits they have earned because of their service.  We are especially concerned about those qualifying individuals that are destitute or are being financially devastated by ongoing medical expenses.

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Traditional Military Service Organizations collect dues from their military membership.  They then use a significant portion of their budget to help their members deal with their own government to collect the benefits they have earned because of their service.  The current economic climate combined with the extreme stress placed on our military and its institutions has put an unbelievable financial stress on those wonderful organizations that are serving our Veterans and their families.  We are also aware of some businesses that are charging our Veterans or their families hundreds, or even thousands of dollars as they “assist” them in preparing the paperwork required to get the benefits they have earned.  These are charges our Veterans should not have to bear, and is a hardship that many cannot afford.

It is time for the private sector to show appreciation for our heroes in uniform that have sacrificed, bled and even died defending our freedom.  Patriots everywhere are invited to join with us, especially those individuals and businesses that earn their livelihood by providing goods and services to the military and their families.  Please help us support the very institutions that contribute to your livelihood.  We are asking for support from the business community.   The hospitality, recreation, medical, and funeral home industries are especially needed to assist in this effort.  We will also be asking for grants from large corporations, foundations, and charitable organizations.

Since it is our desire to create a broad base of support and make it affordable for almost anyone that wants to help, we set the Sustaining Membership level at $9.99 per month (it renews automatically but can be cancelled any time).  You can also meet the basic membership obligation with a single payment of $100.00 dollars. With your help, we can generate tens of thousands of dollars for a typical veteran or surviving spouse over the balance of his/her life.