American Patriot Service Corp. is a non-profit service organization, funded entirely by donations and membership fees.  We conduct outreach service and help veterans apply for VA benefits.  There is never a charge for the service and assistance we provide.* 

OutreachCertified members are authorized to conduct outreach services to raise awareness of veterans’ benefits, particularly the Improved Pension Benefit, and who can qualify.  We gladly provide this service to any individual, family, or group of people, and particularly to veterans and surviving spouses of veterans.    

Assistance:  Our VA Accredited Service Officers and their staff provide the following assistance to help veterans receive the Improved Pension Benefit and other VA benefits:

  1. Explain eligibility requirements based on the Department of Veterans Affairs regulations and statutes;
  2. Assist through the entire application and claims process; and
  3. Assist with annual audits and help keep the veteran qualified year after year.   

*APSC does not provide legal or tax service.

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Our Mission and Core Values