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Our Vets have received over


Our successful applicants are averaging over $50,000 dollars in lifetime benefits.

2024 Monthly benefit amounts

If you, a family member, or someone you know served in the U.S. military during a period of war, that veteran or surviving spouse may be eligible to receive a significant monthly tax-free pension because of that service.

Status Monthly Benefit Annual Benefit
Surviving Spouse $ 1478 Monthly $ 17736 Annually
Single Veteran $ 2300 Monthly $ 27600 Annually
Married Veteran $ 2727 Monthly $ 32724 Annually
Two Married Veterans $ 3649 Monthly $ 43788 Annually

Monthly Benefit $ 1478 Monthly Annual Benefit $ 17736 Annually

Monthly Benefit $ 2300 Monthly Annual Benefit $ 27600 Annually

Monthly Benefit $ 2727 Monthly Annual Benefit $ 32724 Annually

Monthly Benefit $ 3649 Monthly Annual Benefit $ 43788 Annually

We’ve helped over 7,000 Veterans

“Let us strive… to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan…”
– Abraham Lincoln

Applying for the Pension

The expert and professionals at APSC have spent over ten years perfecting the process of helping veterans and surviving spouses successfully apply for the Wartime A&A Pension

Explain. We explain the eligibility
requirements based on the Department
of Veteran Affairs regulations.

Assist. We assist through the entire
pension benefits application process.

Submit. Once the information has been
collected, we submit your packet for
approval by the VA.

Get Started

We can help you learn if you are a good candidate to apply for the Aid and Attendance Benefit and how much you are likely to receive each month from the VA.