Ongoing Post-Claim Services

Post-Award Support*

For most Veteran families, applying for the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit can be difficult and tedious. Unfortunately, ongoing compliance with VA regulations is required in order to maintain the monthly Pension Benefit.

APSC stands ready to provide Post-Award Support* to all that may require it, regardless of how they applied for the Pension. Historically, the majority of awarded claimants experience some type of need for Post-Award Support*, including needing assistance with: 

  • Completing VA forms when changing bank accounts, addresses, or medical expenses.
  • Completing VA required notification forms when care needs change
  • Properly adding or removing care takers with the VA
  • Responding to VA audits (you should never respond to an audit without proper guidance)
  • Responding to routine VA correspondence (you should never respond without seeking proper guidance)
  • Providing timely VA claimant death notifications, thus avoiding potential retroactive VA Benefit recoveries
  • Assistance seeking reduced ongoing VA Benefits for a surviving spouse when a claimant dies

Potential consequences to those who don’t carefully follow VA rules to the letter can be heartbreaking.  Future benefits can be terminated and demands for repayment of benefits may be made.  We have seen VA demand letters seeking repayment for tens of thousands of dollars. 

We have helped thousands of Veterans and Surviving Spouses receive the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit.  PLEASE let us help you keep it!  We provide these Post-Award Support* services FREE to our Sustaining Members and Platinum Friends.  We also make our  Post-Award Support* services available to other Veteran families at our standard fee rates.**  

*   These services are administrative and clerical in nature and do not include legal representation.

**  Services are paid from an initial $500 deposit provided by the client. If required services exceed deposited amounts paid, additional deposits will be required. Any funds remaining after service completion are returned to the client.