What is our Information Session?

The VA Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit will help those veterans in need of financial assistance. Unfortunately, the amount of paperwork and required documentation can make it extremely difficult to navigate the process. Many veterans simply give up and never receive the benefit they earned for their service to our country.

Our information session is designed to help the veteran determine their eligibility and the steps necessary to qualify for the benefit. Some may not qualify now, but most will qualify at some point in their life.

Those who join us for the information session and qualify for the benefit will be assigned an APSC specialist who will work with them directly to complete the entire application process, free of charge.

Do not hesitate to obtain the benefit you or your veteran has earned through service to our country. We can help! Click the link today and attend one of our workshops.

Thank you for your service, now let us serve you!

Join us for an Information Session