Qualifying with the VA

In order to Qualify for The Wartime A&A BenefitĀ Applicants Must Meet Care, Income, and Asset Requirements

Care RequirementsIncome RequirementsAsset Requirements
There must be a need for physical assistance from another person on a regular basis. Blindness, mental incapacity, or, assistance with at least two activities of daily living (eating, bathing/showering, toileting, dressing, transferring) satisfy this requirementThe Wartime A&A Pension is designed to provide a monthly payment to eligible claimants to pay for the necessities of life to the extent that their income is consumed by paying for medical care. In order to receive the full benefit, 100% of income must be consumed by qualifying medical expenses. In cases where total income isn’t consumed, a partial benefit may be available.In order to prevent “wealthy” claimants from receiving assistance, the VA implemented new rules in 2018 limiting the amount and types of countable assets as well as restrictions on gifting assets. APSC stands ready to help veterans & surviving spouses, as well as their family members and trusted advisors, navigate these complex and confusing rules.